Shogun Kunitoki is a band from Helsinki, Finland, with a mission to help electronic music regress back to a more human state, the time of the tube organ and the ring modulator, the spring reverb and the test oscillator.

Shogun Kunitoki's debut album, Tasankokaiku, released by Fonal in early 2006 came out of nowhere and established the previously unknown band as one of the most original instrumental groups to have emerged after the post rock boom. Tasankokaiku's psychedelic mix of minimalist form and maximalist sound that draws equally from the academic avant-garde and the left-field rock canon from the 60s to the present day has won the group a small but fervent fanbase.

The roots of Shogun Kunitoki go back to the late 1990s. After a few years of creating hypnotic, churning drones with Commodore 64 computers the group grew frustrated by the restrictions of the 8-bit universe and started experimenting with more expressive sound sources. Slowly, Shogun Kunitoki moved away from computer-based music, and was eventually reborn as a real band with live instrumentation and a new, organic sound.

With Tasankokaiku, Shogun Kunitoki cemented their newfound sound that was immediately recognized by reviewers and music fans as a compelling cocktail of accessibility and ambitious aspirations where edgy 8-bit bleeps and soft-focus psychedelia shake hands on seven kaleidoscopic trips. The record received favourable reviews from such established publications and websites as Wire Magazine, PopMatters, Stylus Magazine, Exclaim!, Dusted Magazine, and Pitchforkmedia, where it was even tagged as 'recommended'.

Shogun Kunitoki's concerts, accompanied by entrancing Super 8 -projections, have been rare occasions, especially outside their native Finland. So far only a handful of club and festival audiences in Sweden(Fylkingen), Estonia(HUH), Russia(IKRA), Belgium(Klarafestival, Etoiles Polaires) and the Netherlands (Bazaar Curieux) have had the chance to witness the group's double-organ attack. The music, however, has traveled wider, thanks to the endorsement of numerous music blogs and underground radio DJs in the US and Europe and as far as Australia and Japan. At New York's WNYU Tasankokaiku even hit the number one position on the weekly chart.

With their second album, Vinonaamakasio released on Fonal Records in 2009, Shogun Kunitoki expand the boundaries of their self-created sonic universe with a wider array of sounds and rhythms. Where Tasankokaiku squeezed cosmic dust into fiery balls of molten lava with gravitational push and pull and followed the planets whirring through the void on looping trajectories, its yet untitled successor zooms in to explore the jagged shapes of exploding volcanoes, rolls with the moonlit waves through the cracks of sleeping, phosphorescent coral reefs and marches in step with the six-legged insect armies making their trails through the steaming jungle. Still, there is no mistaking the sound for any other band, because every atom of this newborn planet of sound has its origin in the seething psychedelic stew that flows under the surface and burns your feet if you let them stop moving.


16 Jan 2010 - 

Mulberg from Vinonaamakasio is also included in A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble compilation CD that is released together with February 2010 issue of Mojo Magazine. As A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind: Volume 2 which also featured Shogun Kunitoki, this new one is also compiled by the Amorphous Androgynous. Don't be confused by the typo at the back cover spelling our name as Shogun Kinotichi.

15 Dec 2009 - 

Shogun Kunitoki will be touring UK 5.-12. March 2010. Stay tuned. For UK booking, please contact NO-FI.

21 Sep 2009 - 

Mulberg from Vinonaamakasio appears on compilation titled A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind: Volume 2 that is compiled by the Amorphous Androgynous and released by Platipus Records today.

01 May 2009 - 

Shogun Kunitoki t-shirts are now available from Tasankokaiku Shop. Get your own as long that we have stock!

11 Mar 2009 - 

Our second album, titled Vinonaamakasio, has been officially released by Fonal Records. It is available on CD, 12" picture vinyl and digital download/stream (iTunes, Spotify, etc...). The picture vinyl features two animations that can be viewed using a special Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light. You may purchase the album straight from Shogun Kunitoki at Tasankokaiku Shop. Record is also available at Fonal shop and from distributors and shops worldwide.

26 Mar 2009 - 

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! If you have uploaded online (your blog, Flickr, Youtube etc.) any Shogun Kunitoki related material, whether it is reviews or critics, photos, videos etc. that you have took/made yourself, please drop us an email. We are always interested in linking to existing material from our site. We will link to all reviews (good,bad,whatever language) from our site if they reach certain quality as written text. Photos/videos are also welcome, we might be interested in using your photo as promo material! But in order to do the linking, we have to know that material is online. So please, let us know!

21 Mar 2009 - 

Riddarholmen from Vinonaamakasio is included in The Wire Tapper #21 CD, that comes free with The Wire April 2009 issue 302.

04 Mar 2009 - 

Shogun Kunitoki is artist of the week at Finnish MySpace. This means that all MySpace users can listen Vinonaamakasio from beginning to the end at our official MySpace site. Full album will stay online up to and including official release date March 11.

25 Feb 2009 - 

Our second album, titled Vinonaamakasio, will be released on March 11 by Fonal Records. Vinonaamakasio will be available on CD and 12" picture vinyl. The picture vinyl features two animations that can be viewed using a special Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light. We are now taking in pre-orders for the record at Tasankokaiku Shop.

29 Oct 2008 - 

Tasankokaiku Shop is now open. At the moment we only have Tasankokaiku CD:s and pin badges but as the release of our second album, Vinonaamakasio, gets closer, we will soon have much more items to sell. You can enter the shop from the flashy banner on the right.

20 Oct 2008 - 

Our next album titled Vinonaamakasio has been finished. The planned release date is February 2008. Vinonaamaksio will be released by Fonal Records and on CD and 12" picture vinyl. More details will be revealed later.

07 Dec 2007 - 

Fonal Records has made a small pressing of Shogun Kunitoki -buttons. You can order them from Fonal Records online shop or from us at our concerts.

Remember also that while waiting for the new Kunitoki album (which is in the post production stage at the moment), you can still order a copy of Tasankokaiku directly from the band from our own online shop. The price, including postage, is 13 euros.

28 May 2006 - 

The second pressing of Tasankokaiku is now in stock. You can order a copy directly from the band at Check out the ordering info. The price, including postage, is 13/15 euros (Finland/Rest of the world).

Tasankokaiku is also available through Fonal records and selected stores and distributors worldwide.

27 Aug 2006 - 

Our tiny European tour which was intended to happen in 8.-19. September is cancelled due lack of interest except for concerts 14.-16. September in Benelux countries.

24 Jul 2006 - 

Shogun Kunitoki is setting up a small tour in 8.-19. September. Rute goes through Sweden, Germany, Benelux-countries and possibly Denmark, Norway and France.

There are some dates available (confirmed concerts can be found on the concerts section below) so if you are interested in booking the band, please send an email to

14 Apr 2006 - 

The first pressing of Tasankokaiku is now sold out from Fonal. Thanks to everyone who bought it. The second pressing should be available by the end of May.

17 Mar 2006 - 

The Fonal 10th anniversary promo compilation, Summer and Smiles of Finland, which features the track Montezuma from Tasankokaiku is now more or less out of print. The cd is no longer available through Fonal Records, but if you act fast, you might still be able to find a copy from one of the distributors and shops that carry Fonal releases.

13 Feb 2006 - 

Our debut album, Tasankokaiku, is out now. Check out two full length sample tracks, Montezuma and Tropiikin Kuuma Huuma on Fonal Jukebox.

The opening track from the album, Montezuma, is also included on the Fonal 10th anniversary promo compilation, Summer and Smiles of Finland, which was released today as well and comes FREE with the purhcase of any normal-priced cd from Fonal. The other artists featured on the cd are Es, Islaja, Kemialliset ystävät, Kiila, Paavoharju, Risto and TV-Resistori.

Both cds are available directly from Fonal Records or from distributors and shops worldwide.


Mystical Strobe Lamp (for FR-62LP), FR-62SL Order Info

Vinonaamakasio CD/Picture LP Order

Tasankokaiku CD Order

Tasankokaiku cover
  1. Montezuma
  2. Leivonen
  3. Tropiikin kuuma huuma
  4. Daniel
  5. Tulevaisuus - Menneisyys = 1
  6. 1918-1926
  7. Piste

33 minutes

Fonal Records

FR-41 / FI-SSP-06-00006 - 00012

Release date 14/Feb/2006


configuración minimalista y experimental - audiorama (in Spanish)

Science-Fiction im Gehrock - NONPOP spartenmagazin (in German)

Dárek Stevu Reichovi k sedmdesátinám - (in Czech)

an added potency to inject some adrenaline - The Silent Ballet

a majestic, towering experience - stylus magazine

music that you usually hear at church services - music is worth it.

hey-day prog rock - Exlaim!

fly-on-the-wall-of-the-universe - Dusted Magazine

imaginativos patrones como por arte de magia - (in Spanish)

bubblar och sprudlar av energi och gl�dje - soundofmusic (in Swedish)

too cute and smug for my taste - Brainwashed

Switched On the Doors series - recommended - Pitchfork

Fonalin rosterin aatelia - Turun ylioppilaslehti (in Finnish)

a hugely engaging release - Incendiary Magazine

intricate constructions of electronica - PopMatters

Zeven lange tracks vol geluid - File Under (in Dutch)

seitsemän mainiota ääniseikkailua - Soundi (in Finnish)

den psykedeliske lydstorm - (in Danish)

Sonny Crocket in thick neon letters - foxy digitalis

This shit has got to be evil -

lego-ukkojen soittamaa Magyar Possea - (in Finnish)

De wollige elektronica - KindaMuzik (in Dutch)

very impressive debut album - Harmonium

warm world of fuzzy sound - record of the week - Aquarius Records

a fragile harmony with machinery - girlpants

kuin integraali lineaariavaruudessa - (in Finnish)

way too human for Electronica - Other Music

Great damaged synth works - volcanic tongue

almost impossibly irresistible - album of the week -

hilpeä ja hyväntuulinen meininki - Shortcuts to Enlightenment (in Finnish)

A couple of our tracks can be found on compilations.

Mulberg appears on Mojo presents A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind, MOJO

Mulberg appears on A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind: Volume 2, PLATCD191

Riddarholmen appears on Wire Tapper #21.

Montezuma appears on Summer and Smiles of Finland, FR-40.

Soul Root - Eight Miles High appears on Voima ja Notkeus, 4x7" box, Hinkstoona:001.

5:36 appears on Avanto 2001 cd.


There are no upcoming events to name yet.
25 Jul 2015 - H2Ö, Turku
16 Feb 2014 - Rotos Loves Paskis, Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu /w New Tigers, Epidemics, The Hearing
11 Oct 2013 - Höstfest, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
20 Jul 2013 - Ilmiö, Uittamo, Turku /w Kiila
08 Dec 2012 - VadelmaGaala, Sture21, Helsinki
09 Nov 2012 - Nordic Sound Station, Eskilstuna
18 May 2012 - Psychotropic Caravan Club, Lepakkomies, Helsinki
08 Oct 2011 - Keroxen, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
29 Jan 2011 - Nasti Club, Madrid /w Rockettothesky
28 Jan 2011 - Tanned Tin, Teatre Principal, Castellón de la Plana /w Thurston Moore, Rockettothesky, ...
27 Jan 2011 - La lata de bombillas, Zaragoza /w Rockettothesky
10 Dec 2010 - Trans Musicales, Rennes
23 Oct 2010 - NOTCH10 Festival, Village North N6, Beijing
20 Oct 2010 - Yugong Yishan, Beijing /w Jacob Sikker Remin
18 Oct 2010 - Expo 2010 Shanghai, Finnish Pavilion Kirnu, Shanghai
16 Oct 2010 - NOTCH10 festival, Mao Livehouse, Shanghai /w Islaja, Lau Nau, Antti Tolvi
15 Oct 2010 - NOTCH10 Festival, Tu Space, Guangzhou /w Islaja, Lau Nau
02 Oct 2010 - Fritz's Corner, Debaser, Stockholm /w Kriget
09 Sep 2010 - YK, Helsinki
15 Jul 2010 - Lieveilmiö, Dynamo, Turku
04 Jun 2010 - Kumu öö, Kumu, Tallin
22 May 2010 - Spot Festival, Aarhus
12 Mar 2010 - AV Festival, The Sage Gateshead, Newcastle /w Kiila, Alasdair Roberts and band
08 Mar 2010 - Cafe OTO, London
09 Jan 2010 - Ptarmigan, Helsinki /w Tomutonttu, C Spencer Yeh, Les Manures
09 Dec 2009 - TOKYO's Funeral X C.U.N.T., Kuudes Linja, Helsinki /w Risto (Soolo)
14 Nov 2009 - Susiklubi, Andorra, Helsinki /w Sen kuinka kertoisin, Masalin & Muut, Ville Ahonen yhtye
10 Oct 2009 - PHONO 09, Odense offentlige slagtehuse, Odense
09 Oct 2009 - Inkonst, Malmö /w This is head
09 May 2009 - Daydream Nation, Strand, Stockholm /w Laakso
08 May 2009 - Galleri ORO, Göteborg
07 May 2009 - Koloni / Pustervik, Göteborg /w Es, Tomutonttu
28 Apr 2009 - Tavastia, Helsinki /w Grails
25 Apr 2009 - SKIF Festival, Modern Art Center, Saint-Petersburg /w Deerhoof, Moremoney, Baaba
03 Apr 2009 - Pixelache, Dubrovnik, Helsinki
12 Dec 2008 - Iltamat kujalla, KokoTeatteri, Helsinki /w Kuupuu, Vuk
18 Oct 2008 - Actzal, Moscow /w Lau Nau
21 May 2008 - 100% Finlande, La Flèche d'Or, Paris /w Regina, Pets on Prozac
13 May 2008 - Kuudes linja, Helsinki /w Atlas Sounds
03 May 2008 - Vastik Disko, Polymer, Tallin /w Regina, tba
26 Jan 2008 - Boring as Fuck, Kantis, Helsinki
14 Dec 2007 - Etoiles Polaires, Vooruit, Ghent /w Pekko Käppi, Uumen, Kuusumun Profeetta
25 Nov 2007 - Itsenäisyysyö, IKRA, Moscow /w Eleanoora Rosenholm, Ville Leinonen, Don Johnson Big Band, Pooma
19 Oct 2007 - Musiikki & Media, Yo-Talo, Tampere /w Eleanoora Rosenholm, Kemialliset ystävät, Islaja
18 Aug 2007 - Flow Festival /w Quiet Village, hannulelauri, Luomo, Jori Hulkkonen, ASS (Andreas Söderström Solo), et al.
11 Aug 2007 - Tavastia /w Martin Rev
26 Jun 2007 - redrum, Helsinki /w Islaja
19 May 2007 - Se on OK, Porin taidemuseo, Pori
21 Apr 2007 - Jyrock, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä /w Risto, Athletic Arms, Marissa Nadler, Agent M, Felix Zenger, Tuomas Toivonen, Kaukolampi, Puranen, Nykänen
07 Dec 2006 - Myymälä² / If Society Vaguelly Unsettling Daydream Before Christmas Party, Kuudes linja, Helsinki /w Tuomas Toivonen
16 Sep 2006 - Bazar Curieux, Now & Wow, Rotterdam /w Peaches and Herms, Stijn, Cansei de Ser Sexy, TicToc, Liars, Bat for Lashes, Pink Mountaintops
15 Sep 2006 - Gog Bot, Atak, Enschede
14 Sep 2006 - Klarafestival, Festivalboat/Kaai, Brussels
06 Sep 2006 - Potlatch & Robot Rock!, Semifinal, Helsinki /w Sunburned Hand of the Man, Tomutonttu, Hot Rod
26 Aug 2006 - Wäiski, Helsinki /w The Radians
05 Aug 2006 - Uuden musiikin festivaali, Päiväkoti, Turku /w Risto, Tv-resistori
17 Jun 2006 - Läs, Kuudes linja, Helsinki /w Joose Keskitalo
13Apr2006 - Vallaton Klubi, Taidehallin klubi, Helsinki
31Mar2006 - Dynamo, Turku w/ Mr Velcro Fastener
02 Dec 2005 -  Là-bas, Kaapeli, Helsinki w/ Cloama, Sadkarma, Rene Kita / Ibrahim Terzic, Nosfe, Kuu-maa
25Nov2005 - Ravintola Kirja, Helsinki w/ Es, Markku Lahtelan Sirkus
13Nov2005 - Mental Alaska, Telakka, Tampere w/ Islaja, Ben Reynolds
29Oct2005 - Cityside & Countryside, Kortteliravintola Kerttu, Turku
07Oct2005 - Hea Uus Heli, Von Krahli Teatri Baar, Tallin w/ Funckarma, Kriipis Tulo, Antoine Verhaverbeke & Richard Widerberg, Tencu
08Jun2005 - Factory, Helsinki w/ The Radians
23Apr2005 - Pixelvärk, Fylkingen, Stockholm w/ Differnet, Johan Skugge
12Feb2005 - Koti-ilta, Siamintie, Helsinki w/ Joose Keskitalo, Kuokkavieraat
14 Jan 2005 - Potlatch, Oranssi, Helsinki w/ Radiopuhelimet, Aïr, Harry Hunks, et al.
14 May 2004 - Non Repetat, Forum Box, Helsinki w/ Es, Janne Martinkauppi
03 Apr 2004 - Pixelache, Gloria, Helsinki w/ Farben, Visiomat inc., Silmu
27 Mar 2004 - AMA, Kipsari, Helsinki
21 Jan 2004 - Fonal Fest, YO-talo, Tampere w/ Kiila, Magyar Posse
22 Oct 2003 - Tulipesä, Kirjakahvila, Turku
08 Aug 2003 - Boring as Fuck, Kipsari, Helsinki w/ Vuk
22 May 2003 - Myymälä², Helsinki w/ Avarus, Kukkiva Poliisi
08 Dec 2001 - Potlatch, Oranssi, Helsinki w/ Audionom, Seamonster¹
09 Nov 2001 - Avanto, Gloria, Helsinki w/ Keuhkot, Op:l Bastards, Es
21 Jan 2001 - Potlatch, Oranssi, Helsinki w/ Es
01 Sep 1999 - Kaukana väijyy ystäviä, Oranssi, Helsinki w/ Office Building, Aïr, et al.


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